The Games!

Lupus N' Krump
Lupus N' Krump!

Save the universe one rotation at a time! (PC, Linux, and Mac versions!)

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Iron Castle
Iron Castle

Grid based Real Time Strategy ("Shining Force II meets Star Craft") set in a dystopian future of Iron robotics and elemental powers.

Ultimate Stickman
Ultimate Stickman

Featuring FPS traps in a virtually infinite universe. Deploys the VLW (Very Large World) system and uses CryEngine3 technology!

About Sinister Rainbow

Bryan Johnson / Cr1t1cal Except10n
I make games. You like games. I've spent years developing in C++ / C# / PERL / more, and the last few have been almost solely for creating interesting new games in both CryEngine and the Unity game development environments.

I'm always looking for game artists and musicians interested in making games for sale, if you are serious and have some experience, please contact me.